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Keeping it classy on the wood products trading floor

Resolute bowties

Back in December 2014, Philippe Clune, Resolute’s head trader in the wood products department, thought his team’s image could use a little makeover. Taking a cue from brokers on Wall Street, he suggested his team start sporting bowties every Monday to bring a bit of that New York style to our Montréal office.

One of Phil’s colleagues, Nicolas Lapointe, agrees. He said that the public perception of wood traders hasn’t been so positive over the years and that this group was hoping to change peoples’ opinions, one fancy accessory at a time.

Today, the team broke out their bowties in honor of the return of a former team member and in celebration of a birthday.
Congratulations all around for showing great team spirit and bringing a touch of class to the lumber trading scene.


Photo (Left to right): Philippe Clune, Pierre Doumit, Philip Lamoureux, Dan Carta and Nicolas Lapointe.

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