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FPAC Highlights Strong Environmental Record of Canadian Forestry

Forest Saguenay Lac-St-Jean

Resolute has worked hard to establish ourselves as a leader in sustainable forestry and overall sustainability matters and we are pleased to have contributed to the industry’s current strong standing as one of the world’s most sustainable sources of paper, lumber, pulp and other forest products.

To mark the U.N. International Day of Forests on March 21, David Lindsay, President of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) prepared an op-ed on the industry’s sustainability record that highlights the deep and meaningful work of the entire Canadian forest products sector.

The Canadian industry has come a long way in both its practices and its approach. The sector realizes that being responsible stewards of the land is an essential part of its social license to operate. And the international marketplace has taken note. A 2014 Leger survey of international customers found that Canada’s forest products industry had the best environmental reputation in the world. All in all the industry is firmly dedicated to ‘growing a greener tomorrow”, using Canada’s renewable forests to benefit both the environment and the economy.

David Lindsay, President of FPAC, The Chronicle Herald – March 18th, 2015

This op-ed has appeared in newspapers across Canada. The full piece is available here.




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