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Decommissioned Resolute Building to Train Canadian Soldiers

Realistic training exercises are a major factor in ensuring that Canadian soldiers get the training they need to participate safely and successfully in missions that could take them to dangerous parts of the world. Training helps participants understand and test their skills in the types of indoor and outdoor spaces they might find themselves in BEFORE they get into real world situations.

While the Canadian Army can usually find appropriate outdoor spaces to conduct exercises, it is much trickier to identify buildings and indoor spaces to provide the “full spectrum” training their members need.

At Thorold, Ontario, Resolute has a large, old administration building that just happens to have the kinds of rooms and layouts perfect for indoor training exercises. While the 100% recycled paper mill is still up and running (not to mention winning safety awards and reducing their carbon footprint), this particular building has been mothballed for several years and is located away from working and residential areas.

When the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada in Hamilton, Ontario, became aware of the building and asked us if they could use it, we agreed to do it.

Resolute is looking forward to welcoming the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada to Thorold and is honoured to make a contribution to support our troops.


Photo: Thorold (Ontario) Administration Building. Credit: Brian Stedman.

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