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Resolute supports Forces AVENIR

On September 17 and 18, Forces AVENIR presented awards and grants to Québec university, college and secondary students who have exhibited remarkable excellence and commitment while rigorously pursuing their education.

As a sponsor of the Avenir category of the program’s university component, Resolute wishes to recognize, honour and promote the commitment of students whose projects contribute to development of socially conscious, active and responsible citizenship. The benefits of Forces AVENIR projects are not confined to Quebec, some undertakings contribute to causes across the globe.
The university program has the following features:

  • 15 partner universities;
  • 75 public and private partners;
  • 200,000 eligible students across Québec;
  • $114,000 in grants awarded annually; and
  • 5,000 students recognized since 1999.

To encourage initiative, commitment and dreams, Resolute once again is proud to support the strong commitment and academic excellence of all the students who took part in the three Forces AVENIR programs, and in particular to congratulate this year’s winners.

Sujaya Neupane, graduate level recipient for Forces AVENIR, is a student committed to being a socially active scientist.
Regardless of the various opportunities that come his way, Sujaya Neupane, who is studying for a doctorate in neuroscience at McGill University, always takes social impact into account. For example, in January 2010, shortly after an earthquake struck Haiti, Sujaya led an alliance formed by several student associations at Ottawa’s Carleton University; together they managed to raise $17,000. At McGill, he kept up his commitment by joining World University Service of Canada (WUSC), where he heads the Student Refugee Program. Sujaya is also working with disadvantaged youth in Montréal to improve their conditions, while also devoting most of his free time to a project providing access to science and information technology at two schools in the Baglund region of his home country Nepal.

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