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Meet Marie-Philippe Drouin (1/2)

Resolute’s Internship Program for Engineers served as the catalyst to Marie-Philippe Drouin’s professional career. Meet Marie-Philippe and learn about how she advanced to the position of Superintendent TMP at our Kénogami (Quebec) mill in Jonquière. We are very proud of her achievements.

Marie-Philippe studied chemical engineering at Laval University and started working for Resolute Forest Products through an internship program for engineers in August 2013. The mill’s general manager presented a research project opportunity to her class, and she took it on as a grad project. This got Marie-Philippe interested in pursuing a career at Resolute, and eventually applied and got hired as a junior chemical engineer.

Hired as a junior chemical engineer directly out of school, she has worked on projects that help make the thermomechanical pulping (TMP) process more efficient, including projects designed to optimize the length of wood fiber and improve the mill’s energy efficiency.

In June, she was appointed TMP coordinator, responsible for the management and monitoring of key performance indicators and pulp quality. She also supported staff and TMP process management.

In October of this year, Marie-Philippe was promoted to superintendent of the TMP department. Her responsibilities include planning, organization, management and coordination of the pulp transformation process according to pre-established budgets and timelines.

Stay tuned, we will present the second part of this story on Thursday. Happy reading!

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