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Rescue Mission in the Forest: Foresters Find an Injured Bald Eagle

Yesterday, Éric Pelletier, a harvest supervisor working at our forestry operations near Baie-Comeau, Quebec noticed a large-sized bird on the ground near a forest road. The bird looked injured. He communicated with the Company office by radio right away and within minutes, government conservation agents had been notified. They then realized that the bird he’d found was a young female bald eagle who had suffered a broken wing. The bald eagle has been on Quebec’s vulnerable species list since 2003.

The eagle was quickly brought to a veterinary hospital in Baie-Comeau for some first-aid care. She was re-hydrated, fed and bandaged. Later she will be sent to a special rehabilitation centre for birds of prey in Saint-Hyacinthe for additional care. A special courier service will be used to transport the VIP passenger. The veterinarians confirmed that the eagle’s wing had been broken in three places, and that she would have probably been unable to survive had Éric not noticed and rescued her. Her wing will need to be amputated and she will remain under the care of the specialists at the rehabilitation centre.

We’re all looking forward to updates on the eagle’s progress, and we certainly wish her a speedy recovery.

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