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Don’t Miss this TED Talk on Why 30-Story Wooden Skyscrapers Make Sense

In this fascinating TED Talk, Vancouver architect Michael Green lays out his case for why skyscrapers made of wood can simultaneously serve as carbon storage while housing the three billion people who will need shelter in the next 20 years.

For over 12 minutes, Green compares the level of greenhouse gas emissions given off when building with wood versus steel and concrete, details the architectural breakthrough called “FFTT” that allows 30-story buildings to be built from wood, and finally, addresses people’s fears — from fires to deforestation — about using this new approach.

“Wood is the most technologically advanced material I can build with,” Green notes. “It just happens to be that Mother Nature holds the patent and we don’t really feel comfortable with it.”

Be sure to check out the animation that starts at 6:50.

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