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Welcome to The Resolute Blog

Welcome to the Resolute Forest Products blog!  We’re thrilled to be here. Like you, we care about the critical role that forests and forest products play in our daily lives.

We know our operations have an impact on the world around us, and that’s why we make sure we responsibly manage the natural resources in our care. As stewards of the Canadian boreal forest in particular, we feel have a special obligation to protect its resources, educate communities about how we work within it, and invite questions.

If you’re new to Resolute, you should know that we’re made up of 8,400 people who are involved in harvesting, production, regeneration and more. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made over the past few years in areas like sustainable forest management, research and development, carbon emissions reductions, and health and safety.

Our heroes are our people! They’re our most precious resource, and they’re the ones who keep things running smoothly and safely every day. We’re grateful to each and every one of our teams contributing to sustainability and preserving our resources for the next generation. This is how, at Resolute, we nurture our future.

We’re Canadians and Americans and South Koreans; we speak many languages; and we cheer for the Montreal Canadiens, The Toronto Raptors and the Carolina Panthers. We enjoy the great outdoors, spending time with our families, and doing our part to take care of our environment.

Curious about the health of the boreal forest?  Come by to learn about the latest sustainable practices we’re using in the field. Interested in hearing about new projects in the works? Check back for news. Work in the forestry sector? You’ll want to subscribe to the blog for updates on employment opportunities.

Your questions and comments are warmly welcomed. We’ve set some ground rules to keep the conversation constructive, and we’re happy to answer your questions by email (or Twitter) if there are issues you’d like to discuss.

Ward regards,

The Resolute Social Media Team

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